21st meeting

20-21 Februrary 1998
Bucharest, Romania

The meeting was opened by Svend Bitsch Christensen (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, IRCT) who welcomed the participants and presented the organisers: The Romanian Helsinki Committee, the ICAR FoundationHURIDOCS, and IRCT.

The meeting discussed presentations on micro-networks (refugees, torture, children, regional networks), developments within HURIDOCS (Secretariat, Task Forces, tool development, training – including training needs of participants), the HURIDOCS List of index terms, software for library documentation, and the use of electronic communication and Internet (mailing lists, websites, Internet as an information source). A longer debate took place on Training on human rights documentation in Europe – needs and possibilities. Finally, the European input to the upcoming HURIDOCS Conference and General Assembly was prepared. A market place was held.