22nd meeting

19-20 March 1999
Berlin, Germany

This meeting was organised by theInternational Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (Secretariat of the ECCHRD) and the Treatment Centre for Torture Victims (BZFO), with the assistance of HURIDOCS. It was held at the Klinikum Westend, a hospital where the BZFO is based.

It was preceded by a one-day training session on the use of the Internet for human rights work. During this day, Burkhard Luber provided a combination of theory and practice of information management, on-line information retrieval (search tools) and NGO networking, with examples of several useful resources.

The meeting discussed presentations of micro/thematic networks (refugees, minorities, children, women, infodoc centres on the Council of Europe, medical network for social reconstruction in former Yugoslavia, denunciation, torture). There were working groups on conditions in detention, torture and refugees. There was an update on HURIDOCS and the HURIDOCS List of index terms. Further presentations/debates covered Electronic communication and the Internet, and the Future role of information workers.