23rd meeting

24-25 March 2000
Barcelona, Spain

This meeting was organised by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) which served as secretariat of the meeting, and the Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya (IDHC), with the assistance of HURIDOCS.

The meeting included presentation of and reports from thematic networks and Task Forces (refugees/minorities/migration, torture, the Psychotrauma Documentation Network, children, collaboration IGOs/NGOs, client documentation, detention). The Nizkor International Human Rights Team gave a presentation of their organisation and how they used the Internet for human rights documentation and dissemination.

This was followed by reports from separate meetings of Thematic Networks and Task Forces (Torture network). Amnesty International gave a general presentation of the developments in Internet text languages, based on in-house seminars at Amnesty. There was a briefing on human rights developments within the Council of Europe.