29th meeting

8-9 June 2006
London, United Kingdom
Local organizer:

The 29th meeting of the ECCHRD was organised by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, acting as well as Secretariat for the meeting. The meeting was held at the Human Rights Action Centre (Amnesty UK) in London. It was preceded by a tour of the Information Resources Department of the AI International Secretariat.

The meeting included presentations of Oxfam’s new open-source web content management and of the information aspects of the Human Rights Impact Resource Centre (HRIRC), plus a presentation on developments within HURIDOCS, with a demonstration of the new version of the HURISEARCH search engine. These were followed by a tour of the Human Rights Action Centre and a presentations of Statewatch and of the OSCE-ODIHRs information system, website and contacts/activities database. There were meetings of working groups dealing with the Torture thesaurus and training.

Presentations available: